Sharpe Policy

Larry Sharpe is poised to return New York to the premiere state in which to work, live and raise children. If New York is not prepared to make a shift in leadership, the state will continue to lose. We are losing in terms of population, jobs and innovation. More than 100,000 people leaving, every single year. We cannot continue this way and expect things to get better. To expect anything more than a continued culture of democratic-centered corruption with out-of-control spending would be the very definition of insanity. The time for taxpayers in New York to regain control of their dollars and representation is NOW! The time for Sharpe policy is NOW! Larry is passionate about restoring voters’ rights that have become threatened in the current legislative climate. These threats are coming from all directions. Threats to our second amendment rights, our businesses and livelihoods, our families- New York voters are distraught and giving up no matter where you look. This revolution might sound impossible and with the same stagnant leadership… IT IS! This is why we need A New New York. This is why we need Larry Sharpe. Click a heading in the table of contents below to learn more specifics regarding the plan for a new New York. Also, be sure to sign up for updates so you may have the freedom that only comes with knowledge.

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